What is a

Compactor Roll Off?

Renting dumpsters can be expensive, and landfills are known for their negative environmental impact. However, there’s a better way to manage your waste. Crushr is a mobile dumpster compactor company that saves customers time and money. When you choose a compactor roll off from Crushr, you’ll receive on-demand service, and up to 80% increased dumpster capacity.

Whether in manufacturing, residential or commercial construction, a municipality, or a distribution center, our compactor roll off is the solution to lowering waste management costs and improving trash handling efficiency.

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Before & After Pictures of Dumpster Compacted with Crushr's National Mobile Dumpster Compactor Service

How Does a

Compactor Roll Off Work?

Our compactor roll off trucks bring the power of a trash compactor to you. Each vehicle boasts a crane and spiked metallic roller that work together to flatten waste items in your receptacle. 

Our trucks crush and condense items like a high-level stationary trash compactor without the tremendous cost. In 12 minutes, your container’s total space increases by up to 80%, allowing you to use every inch available before hauling it to the recycling center or landfill.

A Sustainable Approach to

Waste Management

Choosing Crushr demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. Our lean and green approach to waste management supports your company’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices and can help increase customer trust. Enjoy the following sustainable benefits with Crushr’s compactor roll offs:

  • Patented trucks that meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates
  • Less diesel-fueled trash trucks on the road
  • Fewer hauls to the landfill
  • Lowered CO2 emissions

Who Can Benefit from

Mobile Compaction?

Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and commercial construction companies typically accumulate significant waste in deliverable goods, such as packaging, byproducts, or other unusable materials. Regularly scheduled mobile compactions from Crushr increase container volume and employee productivity while saving you money.

Municipalities can also reap the benefits of compactor roll offs. Fewer dumpsters to clear boosts waste management efficiency city-wide. Regular crushes reduce waste piles and the number of trips to the landfill, thus fulfilling your sustainability goals.

Save Money With a

Compactor Roll Off

The average cost of hauling trash to the landfill can range from $100 to $800, while dumpster pickups typically fall between $300 and $600. Mobile compaction can cut your hauls in half, so those not taking advantage pay twice as much for waste management.

Choosing Crushr’s compactor roll off allows you to use all free space available in your container, meaning you’ll have fewer expensive waste pickups. Less hauling equals more money in your pocket. Our month-to-month service comes to you and crushes your trash, reducing your waste management costs by up to 40%.

Use our calculator tool below to see how much you can save.

How much could you save?

Fill in the blanks below to calculate how much you could save replacing costly hauls with a crush per week.

We have containers and we haul times per month. Each haul costs us $.

Looks like we can help!

Using Crushr could result in a $400 per month savings.
That’s potentially $1,200 per year back in your business.

Please note that all savings calculations are for demonstration purposes only, are based off regional averages and can vary per market.

Why Choose

Crushr Over a Standard Trash Compactor?

Crushr's Commercial Garbage Compactor Crushing Garbage in a Dumpster

Crushr’s compactor roll off shares the benefits of a regular trash compactor without the purchase and maintenance investment. For instance, standard trash compactors can cost tens of thousands of dollars alone, not including preparation and installation. On average, stationary compactors last about 15 years.

Our mobile trash compaction services have no fine-print contracts – the price you see is the price you pay. Choosing us allows you to keep your roll off dumpster without the hassle of significant upfront investments, renting, or scheduling inconsistent pickups.

Our Three-Step Process

Getting started with our compactor roll off services is easy. Our services are available in select cities nationwide, covering 27 states across the country.

Step 1

Book a Demo

Book A Demo

Book a free demo to see our patented pulverizers in action, or give us a call to see how much you can save.

Step 2

Schedule A Free Crush

Schedule A Free Crush

Schedule a free crush, where we come to you and crush your trash at no cost.

Step 3

Continued Crushes & Savings

Continued Crushes & Savings

Lastly, experience savings with each crush you schedule.


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