Waste Compaction for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, it’s critical to manage waste effectively. “Downtime” isn’t welcome or appreciated, but many waste management services are having a hard time keeping a consistent schedule or fixed pricing. At Crushr, it’s our goal to ensure that the waste services we provide make your job easier. By utilizing our commercial garbage compactor services at your manufacturing plant, you’ll save money, have more space, and increase the length of time between hauls, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Book a free crush today.

What is Mobile Trash Compaction?

Our mobile compactors are patented to reduce the need for excessive waste hauling. When using a typical waste management service, roll-off and open-top dumpsters are hauled away more often than needed due to the fact that trash doesn’t pile neatly within them. Therefore, you’re paying a significant fee for each time the service provider hauls away a dumpster that contains mostly air.

There’s a better way. Our flexible, reliable, on-demand service will compact, or crush, your trash for a fraction of the cost. As a result, your dumpster’s capacity is increased by up to 80%. Plus, saving trips to the landfill greatly reduces both the amount of diesel fuel consumed and CO2 that is released into the air.

Mobile Compaction Benefits

When our pulverizer rolls across your manufacturing waste, we reduce the amount of voids between individual pieces. The entire process takes about twelve minutes and allows you to save money on less frequent dumpster hauls. Some notable benefits of our dumpster crusher services include:

  • No long-term contracts
  • On-demand, reliable mobile compaction that come to you
  • Lessened employee workload
  • No overflowing waste
  • Cost savings
  • Environmental preservation
  • Less downtime

How Much Does a Dumpster Compaction Cost?

The total cost of your crush depends on the amount of waste in your container, as well as how frequently a compaction is required. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay a third of the total cost of your current hauling services. To receive a numerical estimate of the money you can save with Crushr, try our user-friendly tool. The total saved in addition to the other advantages allows you to feel confident about your choice in dumpster trash compacting.

Book Your Free Crush Today

At Crushr, we aim to make the handling of your manufacturing plant’s waste easier and more affordable. Our reliable dumpster trash compaction services save you space, time, and money, as well as the planet. Locate an on-demand Crushr near you today to request a free demo, and see for yourself the advantages of waste crushing! Let’s work together to keep from wasting trips to the landfill.