Waste Compaction for Municipalities

Whether you’re in charge of 100 or 1,000 residents, you want what’s best for your municipality, its members, and the environment. If your current waste management provider is inconsistent and expensive, you’re wasting time and money that could be dedicated to community growth initiatives. Further, irregular pickups create piles of waste and unneeded trips to the landfill, which don’t fulfill your sustainability goals.

Municipal solid waste management should be seamless, efficient, consistent, and budget-friendly. The trash service company you employ should professionally finish their job so you can focus on yours. There’s a solution – the mobile waste compaction services of Crushr. Our patented trucks lower excessive waste hauling by regularly coming to you and drastically reducing your dumpster volume.

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What is the Municipal Solid Waste Process?

Also known as garbage or trash, municipal solid waste is the sum of everyday products we as residents use and throw away, such as bottles, packaging, newspapers, grass clippings, and more. The waste is collected by a hauling service and then transported to the local landfill. This waste management process requires significant quantities of diesel fuel, not to mention it also adds more trash to an already overflowing landfill.

What’s a Mobile Dumpster Compactor?

A traditional waste management company hauls away your dumpsters more often than needed since trash doesn’t pile neatly within them. Additionally, you’re likely paying a significant fee for each waste pickup, regardless of how full your containers may be. When our mobile dumpster compactors come to you and crush your trash, container capacity increases by nearly 80%.

As a result, less diesel fuel is consumed, and fewer CO2 emissions are released into the air. We come to you on a regularly scheduled basis, so you can handle responsibilities with confidence that your sustainability goals are met. Our commercial garbage compactor services are reliable, affordable, and focused on saving the planet.

Trash Compaction Benefits for Municipalities

Today’s green-minded citizens expect their leadership to create and implement environmentally-friendly policies. Trash compaction helps you earn favor in residents’ eyes by cutting down on two of the most significant environmental threats – CO2 emissions and the overflowing landfill. Other notable benefits of mobile trash compaction include:

  • On-demand, reliable services that come to you
  • Cost savings
  • No overflowing dumpsters
  • Less downtime
  • No long-term contracts

Make Your Municipal Solid Waste Management Easy with Crushr

Municipal solid waste management doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. With Crushr, it’s the opposite! We handle your waste compaction and help you demonstrate your community’s commitment to a greener future. Book an on-demand crush near you today if you’re looking to save dumpster volume, time, money, and the planet!

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