Distribution Centers

Waste Compaction for Distribution Centers

Distribution center operations move at a swift pace, and are essential to the supply chain industry. Therefore, “downtime” isn’t an option. Any minor disruption can delay order fulfillment, resulting in unmet customer demands. If your current waste management company is giving you slow turnaround times and costly waits, it can be frustrating for your loading staff and trucking personnel. Your commercial waste needs to be removed at the same rate as your processes.

Trash management shouldn’t prevent your distribution center from completing essential functions. Instead, your waste reduction needs to be efficient and budget friendly. At Crushr, we provide consistent mobile trash compaction services that will save you time and money, so you can focus on what matters most. Book a free crush today to witness our commercial garbage compactor services in action!

Mobile Dumpster Compaction Defined

When your company moves quickly, waste is bound to pile up in your dumpster rental or roll-off dumpster. If your waste management company isn’t promptly and consistently hauling your trash, the need for more containers becomes apparent, and as a result, you lose valuable space. Plus, the dumpsters you do have will likely overflow, as trash doesn’t pile neatly within them.

Mobile dumpster compaction is the solution. The on-demand services we provide at Crushr utilize a patented mobile compaction truck that will come to you. When our vehicle arrives at your facilities, it reduces your dumpster container volume by up to 80% in just twelve minutes. As a result, you gain more space, reducing the need for unnecessary hauls, as well as lowering the number of dumpsters on your property.

Mobile Trash Compactor Benefits

Partnering with a waste compaction company such as Crushr saves you time and money. Not only will your distribution center save on trash pickup costs, but you will also save time, by cutting your hauls in half. Additionally, choosing our mobile trash compactors is an environmentally friendly decision. Fewer trips to the landfill means that diesel fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. As a result, your company’s commitment to a greener future will be viewed favorably in the eyes of stakeholders. 

Additional benefits of our mobile trash compaction services include:

  • Lessened employee workload
  • No long-term contracts
  • Less downtime
  • Reliable, scheduled service that comes to you
  • No overflowing dumpsters

Commercial Trash Compaction Price

Two factors are considered when determining the price you pay for mobile compaction: the amount of waste your distribution center accumulates and the number of visits to your facilities. However, you can generally expect to pay only a third of your current waste management fees.

Our simple tool allows you to visualize approximately how much you’ll save with mobile trash compaction. All you need to do is enter how many containers you currently have, the rate at which they’re hauled, and the cost of each pickup. You’ll receive an estimate right away! Keep in mind that costs can vary according to industry, region, and current market rates.

Fill in the blanks below to calculate how much you could save replacing costly hauls with a crush per week.

We have containers and we haul times per month. Each haul costs us $.

Please note that all savings calculations are for demonstration purposes only, are based off regional averages and can vary per market.

Book Your Free Crush Today

At Crushr, it’s our goal to help companies save on unnecessary and unreliable waste management services in an environmentally responsible way. If your distribution center’s trash is known to overflow, causing employee frustration and threatening disruption, then it’s vital to invest in a solution. Our mobile compaction trucks will come to you on your time, unlike other waste hauling companies, saving you both time and money in the process.

For effortless and reliable waste management, look no further than Crushr. Let’s work together to ensure your distribution center remains swift and efficient! Book a free crush today to get started.