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James Murphy saved $16,000 in his first year.

After implementing Crushr, James Murphy’s company in Cincinnati, OH saved $16,000. They are currently using the savings to invest in more dumpters and expand business.

James Murphy saved $16,000 in his first year.

After implementing Crushr, James Murphy’s company in Cincinnati, OH saved $16,000. They are currently using the savings to invest in more dumpters and expand business.

Lean & Green Crushr Machine

Reduce Your Waste Costs By Up to 40%​

Mobile Dumpster Compactor in San Antonio, TX

How Our San Antonio, TX Dumpster Compactor Service

Can Save You Money

Are inconsistent hauls, overflowing dumpsters, and fine print contracts causing frustration with your waste management company? There’s a better way – Crushr’s patented San Antonio, TX dumpster compactor service comes to you, crushes your trash in about 12 minutes, and leaves. The result? Fewer hauls, lower CO2 emissions from diesel-fueled trash trucks, increased dumpster capacity, and savings of up to 40%.

Let us show you how.

All it takes is three simple steps to start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with Crushr of San Antonio, TX:

Step 1

Book a Demo
Book a free demo online or give us a call to see how our innovative waste management technology can benefit you.

Step 2

Schedule A Free Crush
Schedule a free crush, and we’ll come to you. Watch your dumpster capacity increase up to 80% in real time at no cost.

Step 3

Continued Crushes & Savings
Continued crushes & savings catered to you. Let us know how many Crushes you’d like, and we’ll make it happen.

Lean & Green:

A Sustainable Approach to Waste Management

Before & After Pictures of Dumpster Compacted with Crushr's National Mobile Dumpster Compactor Service

When you choose Crushr, you’re demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Our lean and green approach to waste management supports your company’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices and can help increase customer trust. Enjoy the following sustainable benefits with Crushr:

How much could you save?

Fill in the blanks below to calculate how much you could save replacing costly hauls with a crush per week.

We have containers and we haul times per month. Each haul costs us $.

Looks like we can help!

Using Crushr could result in a $400 per month savings.
That’s potentially $1,200 per year back in your business.

Please note that all savings calculations are for demonstration purposes only, are based off regional averages and can vary per market.

Who We Serve

Our inexpensive services make it easier for you to manage your open-top container waste. At Crushr of San Antonio, TX, we improve efficiencies for clients in numerous industries:


Our pulverizer fills the voids between individual pieces of waste and significantly reduces your manufacturing plant’s downtime.

Residential Construction

A Crushr patented truck will arrive at your site, crush your bulky construction debris, and increase your dumpster’s capacity by up to 80%.

Commercial Construction

Goodbye, dumpster overflow. Take advantage of the increased workspace at your commercial construction site with waste compaction by Crushr.

Distribution Centers

Is your waste management company inconsistent, slowing your shipping and fulfillment operations? Meet customer demands with affordable and predictable waste reduction.


Support your community’s stance on sustainability by reducing excessive waste hauls with Crushr.

Recycling Providers

We’ll handle your trash management so you can continue providing valuable services to your customers.

Benefits of Our

San Antonio, TX Commercial Garbage Compactors

Choosing Crushr of San Antonio, TX offers several benefits other waste management providers can’t match:

Crushr's Commercial Garbage Compactor Crushing Garbage in a Dumpster
  • Increased productivity: No longer will your employees have to manage dumpster overflow. Crushr’s San Antonio, TX commercial garbage compactors handle it so your team can focus on their daily tasks.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: Fewer trash pickups mean fewer diesel fuel emissions and lower CO2 levels.
  • Responsive, friendly service: We come to you consistently – no gimmicks or surprises.
  • No long-term contracts: We won’t bind you to restrictive contracts. Our services are monthly, and we’ll adjust as your needs change.
  • Improved bottom line: Less costly trash pickups, more money in your pocket. How much can you save with Crushr?

Get Crushing With Our

Mobile Dumpster Compactor in San Antonio, TX

Ready to reduce your waste costs by up to 40%? Give our mobile dumpster compactor in San Antonio, TX a try to reap all the savings! Book your free crush today.