Recycling Providers

Waste Compaction for Recycling Providers

Recycling providers like you offer a valuable service to residential areas and businesses. Although you provide an effective and forward-thinking service, slim profit margins may keep you from focusing on initiatives to serve your customers best. Not to mention, stringent contracts and slow, expensive waste management services negatively impact your bottom line.

But what if we told you there’s an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective way to cut your waste hauls in half? That’s where we come in – at Crushr, we provide flexible, reliable, and on-demand mobile trash compaction services to companies across the country. Enjoy no contract and save time and money. Book a free demo crush today to witness the benefits firsthand!

What Are Mobile Commercial Trash Compactor Services?

At Crushr, our patented mobile commercial garbage compactors visit your company when you need them. We arrive on-site, crush the trash within your open-top dumpsters in 12 minutes, and leave. As a result, your containers’ capacity will increase up to 80%. That means fewer costly dumpster hauls of primarily empty air pockets from an unreliable waste management company.

Check out our patented mobile trash compactors in real-time:

Advantages of a Mobile Dumpster Compactor

Our dumpster compaction services can save time and money by effectively reducing container volume. Notable advantages include:

  • Responsive, friendly service: Our team comes to you on your time, whether you schedule regular crushes or request service on-demand.
  • Increased productivity: No longer will your employees waste working hours smashing items into your containers. We’ll handle everything so they can focus on their daily tasks.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: Fewer waste hauls, less diesel fuel consumption traveling to and from the landfill. As a result, carbon emissions and other harmful airborne contaminants decrease, and you can demonstrate your environmental commitment as a recycling provider.
  • No overflowing dumpsters: When open-top containers fill with trash, air pockets develop between bulky items. A mobile waste compactor eliminates the air pockets, increasing capacity by up to 80%.
  • Improved bottom line: Increased dumpster capacity leads to fewer costly waste hauls and more money in your pocket.

How Much Does Mobile Waste Compaction Cost?

When you choose Crushr for your waste compaction, the price you pay covers the crush – that’s it. You don’t have to worry about mileage, gate entry, or landfill dumping fees commonly found with waste management companies.

The total cost varies depending on the amount of waste and how frequently you require a crush. However, you can expect to pay only a third of your current hauling costs. Try our user-friendly tool below to receive a numerical estimate of the money you can save!

Fill in the blanks below to calculate how much you could save replacing costly hauls with a crush per week.

We have containers and we haul times per month. Each haul costs us $.

Please note that all savings calculations are for demonstration purposes only, are based off regional averages and can vary per market.

Get Started With a Free Demo Crush

Crushr aims to help you save time and money regarding waste management. We’ll handle your trash compaction so you can continue offering valuable services to your customers. Let’s work together to cut down costs and carbon emissions. Contact us today to book your free demo crush!