Annual Cost Comparison & Possible Savings

*Estimated costs & savings. Prices vary by region.

Company A: 52 Hauls / Year


Company B: 26 Hauls & 26 compactions


=$7150 Savings/Year

Pricing and Savings

Prices vary by market and volume.

Simply put, Crushr reduces the amount of times you need hauling services. The fewer bins you haul, the less money you spend.

 Sample Savings

The illustration shows just one example of how Crushr can save you money.

Company A hauls once per week and pays $400 for every haul spending nearly $21,000 per year.

Company B has the same volume of trash as Company A but knows a big operational win when they see it. By replacing every other haul with Crushr, Company B saves nearly $7,000 every year on their hauling costs. Now that’s real savings!

 Carbon Footprint Reduction

With each compaction, you are saving a trip to the dump which directly and positively impacts your carbon emissions. Simply put, the simple act of compacting your trash saves on diesel per trip, and carbon credits.

How It Works

Crushr waste management service is a patented mobile compaction truck that replaces costly hauls of your dumpster rental or roll-off dumpster with an inexpensive service, making it easier and more affordable for you to manage your open-top container waste.

  • We save room.
  • We save time.
  • You save money.

Each time we compact your trash, we can increase the capacity of the container by up to 40%, costing you about 1/3 of the price of your total hauls.

No long-term commitments.


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